Wat is een sportmassage?

What is a sports massage?

A sports massage is a more intensive form of muscle stimulation. Slow, deep massage techniques are used, with extra attention to tired and/or stressed muscles.
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You may be familiar with the term sports massage. If you exercise intensively, this can overload your body and muscles. Although relaxing in the sauna or taking a few days of rest can help, a sports massage may provide a more effective solution.
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In this blog we discuss what exactly a sports massage entails, what the sports massage benefits are and what results a sports massage achieves.

What is a sports massage?

A sports massage is a more intensive form of muscle stimulation. Slow, deep massage techniques are used, with extra attention to tired and/or stressed muscles. A sports massage improves blood circulation, which removes waste products, fluid and painful stimuli. In addition, the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the treated areas is stimulated. This type of massage promotes muscle recovery with the aim of preventing injuries.

Why a sports massage?

A sports massage can provide several benefits, such as:

Results of a sports massage

A sports massage treats specific parts of the body, which can cause them to feel sensitive and painful after the massage. This pain usually disappears within two days. It is important to drink enough water after the massage, because waste products are released and water can remove them properly, thus cleansing the body properly. The effect of a sports massage is immediately noticeable and includes:

  • Better blood circulation
  • Better waste disposal
  • Better supply of oxygen and nutrients
  • Better metabolism
  • Better muscle function
  • Better mental state
  • Better physical condition
A massage after every sporting effort?

You can use a sports massage before, after or during exercise. When you use a sports massage for a strength effort, you actually prepare your muscles for the performance that needs to be delivered. If you receive an intensive massage after exercise, the massage will ensure that your recovery is faster, you will not get muscle pain and injuries will be prevented. During exercise, a sports massage can be useful in relaxing heavily stressed muscles or muscle groups, after which they are prepared for further exertion.

Only for athletes?

However, a sports massage is not only intended for athletes, although you might think so. Due to the relaxing effect on the entire body, this type of massage is also intended for people who do not exercise or exercise less. Tension in the muscles can also be caused by stress or a long-term incorrect working posture.

When not to have a sports massage?

There are a number of situations in which a sports massage is not appropriate. You may not receive a massage if you have a fever, inflammation or wound. A sports massage is also not permitted after a tear in one of your muscles or a bruise.

Difference between sports massage and relaxation massage.

There is a crucial difference between a sports massage and a standard relaxation massage and that is the intensity of the massage. A sports massage uses more pressure than a standard massage. A relaxation massage involves soft and gentle movements, because the purpose of this massage is different from a sports massage. The latter is aimed at loosening the muscles, stimulating blood circulation in the muscles, while a relaxation massage is aimed at relaxing the body and mind.

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