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KINESIOLOGY tape (blue) - 50mm. x 5 mtr.
KINESIOLOGY tape (black) - 50mm. x 5 mtr.
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KINESIOLOGY tape (beige) - 50mm. x 5 mtr.
S-Sport FIXATION TAPE - 25mm. x 9.14 mtr.
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S-Sport FIXATION TAPE - 40mm. x 9.14 mtr.
Underwrap FOAM - 70mm. x 20 meters.
Hi-Fix COVERING PLASTER - 50mm. x 10 meters.
stretch TAPE (self-adhesive) - 50mm. x 4.5 mtr.
stretch TAPE (self-adhesive) - 75mm. x 4.5 mtr.
TAPE SCISSORS (stainless steel) - 14 cm.
KINESIOLOGY tape (blue) - Multibox 24 pcs. : 50mm. x 5 mtr.
KINESIOLOGY tape (black) - Multibox 24 pcs. : 50mm. x 5 mtr.
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KINESIOLOGY tape (beige) - Multibox 24 pcs. : 50mm. x 5 mtr.
S-Sport FIXATION TAPE - Multibox 12 pcs. : 25mm. x 9.14 mtr. (10 + 2 free)
S-Sport FIXATION TAPE - Multibox 12 pcs. : 40mm. x 9.14 mtr. (10 + 2 free)
Hi-Fix COVERING PLASTER - Multibox 12 pcs. : 50mm. x 10 meters. (10+2 free)
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Underwrap FOAM - Multibox 12pcs. : 70mm. x 20 meters. (10 + 2 free)
S-Sport FIXATION TAPE - Multibox 12 pcs. : 50mm. x 9.14 mtr. (10 + 2 free)

About our kinesiology products.

Are you looking for kinesio tapes, sports tapes or bandages to use before, during and after exercise? Or to use for sports care or physiotherapy treatments. Then look at Révvi's kinesiology tapes, s-sport tapes and pressure bandages. For the Sports Caregiver Sports care focuses on the guidance of sports and active people, and is of course also available for non-athletes. An important goal of sports care is the prevention and treatment of injuries and overload. We therefore have a wide range of physiotherapy materials, physio aids and sports care items for physiotherapists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, sports carers, masseurs and other professionals. Also view our range for other physiotherapy and muscle care products such as muscle gels and balms, massage oils and lotions and body products. A sports caregiver or physiotherapist is often the first to attend an injury at a sports club and has extensive knowledge about sports care. Our range of physiotherapy materials has been carefully compiled by our experts in collaboration with physiotherapists and sports carers. This means you can be sure that with Révvi you are getting the right sports care products. We are there for both professionals and consumers. The sports care products in our range are effective and of excellent quality. The physiotherapy materials are suitable for professional athletes, amateurs and non-athletes. These sports care products can be used for many different injuries or complaints.

Products for physiotherapy / physiotherapy.

Sports care products are mainly used by sports carers, sports masseurs and physiotherapists. Personal trainers have also come to the right place at Révvi to complete their entire equipment. Our sports care products include sports tape, kinesio tape, ice pack, sports balm, muscle gels and dressings such as bandages or pressure bandages. Together with the sports caregiver, these physiotherapy materials are the first aid for injuries.

Are you a sports caregiver or physiotherapist?

In practice, the role of sports carer is often fulfilled by a sports masseur or physiotherapist at sports clubs. A sports caregiver guides athletes before, during and after exercise, but also carries out preventive research into upcoming injuries of the musculoskeletal system. The sports caregiver can apply various massage techniques, such as a classic massage or sports massage, for both athletes and non-athletes. He or she also fulfills an advisory role to athletes and the club management of sports associations in the field of injury prevention through a function examination and the promotion of responsible sports, nutrition and hygiene. In addition, the sports carer takes measures such as taping and bandaging to prevent new injuries from occurring or old injuries from recurring. The most important role is that of caring for athletes in the event of an acute (sports) injury.

Révvi provides advice and guidance.

If you would like more information about our sports care or kinesiology, physiotherapy materials, please contact our customer service. Our people can provide you with personal and expert advice in the field of sports care. Are you looking for good and functional sports care products for the best price? Then take a look at the sports care products selected by our experts on the various pages of What does kinesio tape do?