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Acidification of muscles? These are the causes and solutions

Muscle acidification is a much-discussed topic among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It refers to the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles during intense physical activity, but acidification in the muscles can also occur without exercise. In this article we take a closer look at what causes muscle acidification and how you can prevent and treat it.

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Acidified muscles do not have to be bad

If your muscles burn slightly during or after your workout, this means that you have done your best. The burning sensation is caused by the burning of carbohydrates. If you are a novice athlete, you should keep an eye on this. If you have not done any sports for a long time, rapid acidification of the muscles can occur, which can lead to muscle overload .

Symptoms of muscle acidification

When your muscles become acidic, you will notice this in several symptoms. Consider complaints such as:

  • Muscles feel as if they have fluid in them.
  • Burning sensation in muscles.
  • Muscles even hurt.
  • Tired muscles.
  • Loss of strength in muscles.

Acidification of muscles: the cause

A cause of acidification in the muscles is a lack of oxygen in your muscles. A second cause of acidified muscles can be a lack of nutrition. Glycogen is the nutrient of your muscles. This substance is replenished by glucose. During intense physical exertion, the body begins to break down glucose to release energy. A byproduct of this process is lactic acid, which builds up in the muscles and leads to increased acidity. Factors such as insufficient endurance can contribute to the build-up of lactic acid.

Nutritional tips to prevent acidification in muscles

A well-balanced diet is important for several things, but certainly also for acidified muscles. With the right diet you give your muscles what they need. Strong muscles tire less quickly and can recover faster . You can combat acidification in your muscles with these tips:

  • Eat enough carbohydrates.
  • Take in enough proteins.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Eat food that contains a lot of magnesium or calcium.
  • Eat foods that contain iron.
  • Avoid things like caffeine, refined sugars and alcohol.

Other solutions

What can you do now to prevent your muscles from becoming acidic? Follow these tips and significantly reduce the risk of sore muscles:

  • Get in better shape.
  • Enlist the help of a sports masseur .
  • Keep your energy levels high before you train by eating enough, but not just before exercise.
  • Do a warm-up and cool down.
  • Hydrate your body.
  • Keep enough rest during sports. In short, take breaks in between.

How should you treat already acidified muscles?

Rest is the best way to rebalance the levels of nutrients and waste products in the muscles. Rest for about three to five days. You can support the healing process with a sports massage, which loosens cramped and acidified muscles. This leads to improved blood circulation where waste products are removed and more oxygen reaches your muscles.

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