5 tips to move better and pain-free!

Every athlete wants to make progress when training. Your body must therefore alternate efforts with breaks to get (even) better. Read and apply our regeneration tips and make progress efficiently.


5 tips to move better and pain-free!

Whatever your sporting goals, your body needs breaks to get better.
Every athlete wants to make progress when training. This can only be achieved by challenging your body again and again and by bringing it into imbalance. The most recognizable form of this is an increased heart rate followed by shortness of breath and (muscle) fatigue. These efforts demand a lot from your body, so you also have to give it time to recover. After all, rest is also a form of training and allows you to achieve your personal goals without injuries or other aches and pains!

Read and apply the regeneration tips below in your weekly exercise schedule and you will progress efficiently without too drastic changes in your daily routine! In addition, we want to support you with our fast recovery muscle gels that help you prevent cramps , avoid tired muscles and strengthen the super compensation principle.

Regeneration tips to recover smarter and faster!
1. Supercompensation: Resting is building up!

This term perfectly summarizes what rest between training moments brings. By taking rest, the body recovers (compensates) and simultaneously becomes stronger. So you can say that with the next training, your body has taken an advantage in terms of strength and physicality compared to the previous training.
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2. Don't leave your recovery to chance.

Whether you are an endurance athlete or a team athlete, you and/or your trainer plan the progressive intensity of your training. So also plan regeneration after exercise and do not leave recovery to chance. Make sure you include 2 to 3 free rest days in a normal training week, remember “rest is also training”!

3. Train, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

In addition to a regular training rhythm, sufficient sleep and a healthy diet are very important contributors to the performance of every athlete. Healthy food will strengthen your muscles and tendons and when you sleep your body is in total rest and can regenerate undisturbed from your training efforts.

4. End on a positive note with a cool-down!

Do you have the tendency to immediately return home after a training or match and relax on the couch afterwards? Try to change this rhythm and end your training well with a short cool-down session. This will reduce acidification in the muscles and reduce the risk of injuries.

5. Treat micro-crazing.

The effort you demand from your muscles during training causes tiny hairline cracks in the muscle and tendon tissue. These hairline cracks will heal during your rest periods. Moreover, in this way you build more muscle mass and therefore become stronger, which is part of your own super compensation!
With our fast recovery muscle gel you can treat heavily stressed muscles very locally, our natural ingredients work deeply around the muscle zone and accelerate recovery.
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