What is RÉVVI sports tape?

Most sports tapes can be recognized by their white color and are not stretchable. They are used before, during or after exercise and in physiotherapy. Sports tape provides protection and support for recovering muscles and joints. It works as follows: by applying sports tape to the skin where the muscle is located, the range of motion of the muscle is limited so that it can recover optimally. The tape must be removed after each sporting moment. Nowadays kinesio tape is also often used. This is the opposite of sports tape, as it is very elastic. Due to the stretchability of this elastic sports tape, the tape easily adapts to every natural movement. This means you are not limited in your movement during exercise.

how do you use sports tape?

Applying sports tape requires a lot of attention and precision. Both application and placement must be done carefully to achieve optimal results. First start by cleaning your skin, it should be oil-free and dry. If you have a lot of hair growth where the sports tape should be applied, we recommend trimming it or shaving it completely smooth. Sports tape adheres better to smooth, hairless skin. Then apply the sports tape to your skin and ensure that no air bubbles form under the tape. If you use elastic tape, make sure you don't put too much stretch on the tape. Physiotherapists are often specialized in applying sports tape, if you are unsure about doing it yourself. There is also a lot of information online about applying (elastic) sports tape.

The types of sports tape from RÉVVI

If you buy sports tape from RÉVVI, you are assured that you are buying good quality. The S-Sports tape from RÉVVI has a high and strong adhesive force and is a recognized type of sports tape among professionals. The thickness of the adhesive layer is such that it adheres very well to the skin or to bandages. Because the sports tape is very stiff and rigid, the muscle is optimally stabilized. Even under heavy loads you are assured that the sports tapes will remain in place. The sports tape is also very easy to use. They all have a serrated edge, making them easy to tear. You can easily tear it both in width and length and you don't need scissors. The tape does not fray and allows air to pass through, making it feel nice.

Taping joints.

Taping, also called 'taping', is the application of the white non-elastic sports tape. This allows you, for example, to secure tape for the knee or ankles during a match and you will experience less pain from the injury. To prevent blood circulation problems, you should remove the tape immediately after exercising. The purpose of the sports tape is to impose a 'restriction' on the joints. If you buy sports tape, you can apply it preventively or to treat existing complaints or injuries. It is often used as a preventive measure to prevent sprains in the ankle, for example. Unlike regular sports tape, the elastic sports tape can be worn for several days, and showering with it is also no problem. Our sports tapes are made of 100% cotton and feel nice, after application you will hardly notice that you are wearing the tape. The glue is also very skin-friendly and sticks well even under humid conditions, so you don't have to tape them again and again. RÉVVI sports tapes are not only affordable, they also last a long time. The main advantage of sports tape is that it provides extra safety for weak and injured joints. You can buy sports tape from us that is elastic for free movement, or non-elastic tape that keeps the joints in the right place. This way you regain confidence in your muscles during your sporting moment and you can move correctly, while your muscles can also recover from an injury.

The MDR quality label from RÉVVI

RÉVVI sports tapes are produced in accordance with the new MDR ( Medical Device Regulation ) regularization and meet the CLASS.1F conditions. This standard certifies that the quality and effectiveness of our tapes meet the strictest conditions of the European Union. In addition, our products are coded with a CNK number, which means that our products can also be offered in better pharmacies (BE). At RÉVVI we offer all types of sports care products. In addition to sports tapes, you can also use protective creams or firming gels . This way you can optimally prepare or care for your body before, during or after the sporting moment!