Kinesio tape

Looking for an elastic and at the same time sturdy kinesio tape? Then you have come to the right place on this page. In Révvi's range you will find kinesio tape in various colors and sizes. Have you found the suitable kinesio tape to buy? Then place the product in your shopping cart and pay via one of the many different payment options such as PayPal or iDEAL. We send the package to your home address as quickly as possible so that you can use it right away!

What is kinesiology tape?

Kinesiology tape is a very skin-friendly and elastic cotton tape with an acrylic adhesive layer, which is applied to the body for various complaints. In terms of elasticity and thickness, kinesiology tape has approximately the same properties as human skin. Thanks to its stretchability, the tape easily adapts to the body with every natural movement. Kinesiology tape reduces pain during injuries, increases mobility for joint complaints and massages the connective tissue while making movements. Kinesiology tape is water resistant and will last for several days.

What is kinesio tape used for?

Kinesio tape can be used for different purposes. For example, the kinesio tape can be used to relieve pain from injuries or for preventive support. Therapists often use the elastic tape as part of a therapeutic treatment. Athletes often use kinesio tape to prevent and alleviate injuries.

Tips for buying kinesio tape

If you want to buy kinesio tape to treat an injury for yourself or to tape a client, don't buy the first, best or cheapest tape you can find. Although all the different kinesio tapes may look similar, not all tapes are equally safe and skin-friendly. Also, not every kinesio tape on the market meets the quality requirements that these medical products must meet. We therefore recommend that you read carefully in the description of the kinesio tape whether a tape is MDR approved. If so, you know you're in the right place.

The MDR quality label from RÉVVI

Révvi kinesiology tapes are produced in accordance with the new MDR (Medical Device Regulation) regularization and meet the CLASS.1F conditions. This standard certifies that the quality and effectiveness of our tapes meets the strictest conditions of the European Union. In addition, our products are coded with a CNK number, which means that our products can also be offered in better pharmacies (BE).

Benefits of our kinesiology tape

Our kinesiology tape is easy to apply and lasts for several days. The tape has good breathability, feels like an extension of your skin and will not restrict your freedom of movement. In addition, the kinesiological tape is water and moisture resistant. The moisture resistance of the tape is of course ideal during exercise. Moreover, with the kinesio tape you can practice water sports such as swimming, rowing or water polo and the kinesiological tape that you can buy from us is hypoallergenic. So even if you are sensitive to allergens, you can buy this tape. Our high-quality kinesio tape is produced according to the original production techniques from Japan and contains the real TOYO glue.

How should I use the kinesiology tape?

Do you want to achieve optimal results with our kinesio tape? Then it is important that the tape is applied correctly. When using and applying kinesio tape, you must pay close attention to a number of things. For optimal adhesion, the skin must be clean, dry and free of grease. Also remove excess hair before applying the tape to the skin. Elastic sports tape adheres better to non-hairy skin. If you are going to apply the kinesio tape, avoid folds. These can result in blisters. However, do not apply too much stretch to the tape. Would you like more tips about applying kinesio tape? There are also special medical taping courses in which you learn everything about how to properly apply kinesio tape.

Kinesio taping of joints

Preventive taping can be done with kinesio tape or sports tape. If you choose kinesio tape, you go for comfort. The tape can be worn for a longer period of time and will not cause any problems with blood circulation. This is often the case with rigid sports tape. During exercise, the kinesiology tape sticks better and offers extremely good stability. For example, taping the ankle joint will increase the stability of the ankle. If you practice a sport where the ground is often uneven, you have an increased risk of an ankle injury. Many footballers and tennis players in particular suffer from these injuries. Taping the ankle with kinesio is the ideal way to prevent a weak ankle. Taping with kinesiology tape is often done in the sports world. You can have yourself taped by a physiotherapist, but you can also learn it yourself. Once you have done it a few times, you will be able to tape your ankle yourself. The treatment of an injury, for example an ankle injury, can also be done with kinesiology tape. The kinesio tape works to activate the muscles and ligaments, instead of fixing them. This way the muscles remain flexible and recovery is faster. An ankle injury is a common injury. You can quickly suffer a sprain or sprain. By purchasing kinesio tape you can promote the recovery of your ankle.

Advice and guidance from RÉVVI

Would you like more information about our kinesio tape or one of our other kinesiology products ? Please contact our customer service. We are happy to provide you with personal and expert advice in the field of (sports) care!