What are hot cold packs?

Have you just had a great workout but accidentally fell during your workout? Or did you slide while playing football and get a scrape? Then using an ice pack, cold pack or hot cold pack is the solution. These compresses have been developed to treat acute injuries such as swelling and abrasions after a collision, fall, bruise or sprain. The hot cold packs are also reusable. Clean them after use and put them back in the freezer or refrigerator and they are ready for reuse. The RÉVVI hot cold packs are very comfortable and soft thanks to the quality of the materials. After purchasing a single-use ice pack, you do not need to cool it in advance, it becomes cold after squeezing.

What is a hot cold pack for?

The RÉVVI hot cold packs are filled with gel so that the pack can maintain the same temperature for a long time, they stay warm or cold for a long time. The gel is soft, making the cold pack comfortable and flexible. Because it is so flexible, the cold pack molds to the body part. Proper cooling stimulates recovery from a wound or swelling. The cold packs are suitable for various types of pain relief such as headache, muscle pain or toothache. RÉVVI hot cold packs are not only of the highest quality, we also offer them at an affordable price. The hot cold packs are used as a hot pack with the aim of heating the muscles or parts of the body. Warming muscles is a good idea before exercising to prepare your body for exercise, so you can prevent injuries more quickly. They are easy to heat by putting them in the microwave for a few seconds, after which they remain at a constant temperature for a long time thanks to the gel. After exercise, the hot cold pack is used as a cold pack or ice pack to cool the muscles so that they can relax and recover properly. Purchasing a hot cold pack is therefore an ideal combination of a hot pack and ice pack in one, so you do not have to purchase a separate heat compress and a separate ice pack.

What types of hot cold packs are there?

Depending on the extent to which you exercise, you should choose which compress is suitable for you. If you do not exercise frequently and the risk of injury during your exercise is low, we recommend purchasing the ice pack. If the moment unexpectedly arises that you become injured, you can immediately apply an ice pack without first having it in the freezer for months. Are you an avid athlete or do you often experience physical exertion? Then it is wise to choose the hot cold pack. This way you are assured of the right gel to warm or cool your muscles, both before and after your sporting moment. So you will no longer be faced with any surprises if you have a hot cold pack at home as standard, and the purchase is one-time since they are reusable. At RÉVVI you are assured of quality products. There is a big difference in quality between the cold hot packs. If you choose cheaper variants, there is a good chance that they will not cool properly or that they will not last as long. RÉVVI cold hot packs are of professional quality and last a long time. Because of their quality, these can also be used in physiotherapy, for example. We offer a complete and extensive range of the best ice packs and hot packs and deliver them directly to your door from our stock. The reusable cold hot packs in our range are of excellent quality and you can enjoy them for a long time, and they can also be used by regular consumers as well as professionals.

How do you use a cold pack and a hot pack?

After purchase, a cold pack can easily be cooled in the freezer or in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. You can heat a hot pack by putting it in the microwave for a few seconds or heating it in warm water. When the hot cold packs have reached the desired temperature, they remain at a constant temperature for approximately twenty to thirty minutes. When the hot cold pack has reached the desired temperature, do not place it directly on the skin. Place a thin cloth or towel in between to protect the skin. A cover over the ice pack or hot pack often also helps. Read the user manual carefully in advance so that you are well informed about the use of a hot cold pack or ice pack. The hot cold packs and ice packs can be easily combined with other RÉVVI products. Before or after using the compresses, you can choose to use muscle gels or massage oil for even better protection of the muscles. Take a look at our value packs page to put together your own sports care package. Payment is easy to complete via iDeal , credit card and PayPal, among others.