Compression bandage

Looking for a pressure bandage for every body part? At RÉVVI we have various pressure bandages with which you can apply pressure to a specific part of the body. This is mainly used to prevent swelling due to injuries. Examples of injuries where a pressure bandage can be effective are bruises or sprains. It is important to use a pressure bandage correctly so that you can get optimal results from it. We are happy to explain more about compression bandages and answer frequently asked questions. Would you like to buy a pressure bandage? You can order this quickly and easily via our webshop. You will usually receive the products within one working day via the various (international) postal companies.

What are compression bandages?

Compression bandages apply pressure to a specific part of the body. They are also called bandages. As the name suggests, bandaging is a special way of bandaging that is used for people who suffer from fluid retention, swelling or an injury. Applying an elastic pressure bandage creates pressure on the body part, which pushes the fluid out of the tissue. The intention is for the pressure bandage to reduce fluid accumulation in this way. Adhesive bandages are often used as a compression bandage for applying a compression bandage and for support after an injury. In addition, bandages are also suitable as a dressing after using gauze on a wound. It is very important to apply the pressure bandage correctly. This ensures that the pressure is applied to the right place, which is a determining factor for effectiveness.

How does a pressure bandage work?

A pressure bandage is pulled tightly around the affected part of the body part. The pressure exerted in this way by the bandage forces the blood out of the vessels, as it were. The blood then ends up in the underlying blood vessels, where it is automatically absorbed into the blood circulation and ultimately returns to the heart. This reduces fluid accumulation. The result of this is that fluid retention decreases, allowing the body to recover more quickly after, for example, an injury.

What types of pressure bandages are there?

There are different types of pressure bandages. At RÉVVI they are available in two sizes. For example, we have pressure bandages measuring 75mm X 4.5 meters and 50mm X 4.5 meters. You will also find HI-FIX covering plaster measuring 50mm x 10 meters. Enough to apply your pressure bandage as optimally as possible! Our pressure bandages are self-adhesive and therefore easy to use. Are you unsure about how to apply the bandage? Please contact your doctor or physiotherapist, they can provide you with the right advice or help you apply the pressure bandage.

Buy a pressure bandage at RÉVVI

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