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Reduce and prevent muscle pain

Muscle pain is a common complaint that can affect people of all ages. Whether it's the result of intense exercise, a sedentary lifestyle, or other factors, it can be quite bothersome. Read more about what muscle pain actually is here .
Reduce muscle pain with warm-up and cool-down

One way to prevent muscle pain is to take into account a good warm-up and cool down during your training. During a warm-up, more blood flows to the muscles, providing them with oxygen and nutrients. This helps prevent muscle tension. In addition, a waring-up causes an increase in temperature in the muscles. This makes them more flexible and less susceptible to muscle pain, acidification or overload . Want to know more about good warm-up exercises? Read it here .

During a cool-down, waste products, such as lactic acid, are removed from the muscles. This reduces muscle pain. After intensive exercise, muscles can also become stiff. A cool-down with stretching exercises helps relax the muscles and prevents stiffness. 

Alternation of exercise and rest

Treating muscle pain can also be done through a balance between exercise and rest. Light activity, such as walking or cycling, can improve blood flow to the muscles and help remove built-up waste, which can reduce muscle soreness. However, after intense exercise, muscles need time to recover. Rest is vital, and adequate sleep is an important part of this recovery process. 

How do you prevent muscle pain with water?

It is a frequently asked question whether it is better to use warm water or cold water to reduce muscle pain. Warm water, such as a warm shower or bath, can relieve muscle pain. The heat helps to dilate blood vessels, which improves blood circulation and can help remove waste products from the muscles. Stiff muscles are also soothed in this way. A cold shower or the use of ice may be helpful in treating acute muscle pain, such as after an intense workout. It reduces inflammation and swelling in the muscles and helps reduce pain. 

Get a massage

A massage can be an effective way to reduce muscle pain. A massage stimulates blood circulation to the muscles. This improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle tissues and helps remove waste products. During a massage, the muscles also relax. This can help reduce muscle tension and stiffness. Looking for a good massage oil? Then click here .

Eat enough good nutrients

What is good for muscle pain in terms of your diet? Proteins ensure that your muscles receive building materials, which makes muscle recovery smoother. Fruit can also help reduce muscle pain. Make sure you choose the right fruits, such as dark fruits with a thin skin. Think of fruits such as blueberries. Finally, Omega-3 is a good nutrient to prevent muscle pain, because this substance works as an anti-inflammatory. Also eat at the right time. For example, eat a snack half an hour after your intensive training. Also think about hydration. In addition to nutrition, drinking enough water is also important. This ensures that your muscles remain flexible. So drink enough before, during and after your workout.

Good posture

Muscle pain also often occurs at work. Many people will recognize muscle pain in the shoulders. When working in a sedentary position, the posture you adopt is therefore very important. Keep your back straight and make sure your shoulders are in a relaxed position. Adjust your desk and chair so that this is correct. Both your feet should also rest flat on the ground.     

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